Red Helix Fireplace Match Cloche


Introducing our innovative Helix Match Cloche Collection, where form and function blend seamlessly. Inspired by the Greek word "helix," meaning twisted, these match cloches feature a captivating ribbed interior that adds a unique twist to your match storage. The spiral texture updates this classic accessory, making it a perfect fit for modern-industrial spaces as well as traditional decor settings. Crafted from exquisite hand-blown glass, each cloche houses 120 eight-inch matches and boasts a convenient strike-on-bottle flint for easy ignition. The cork stopper adds a finishing touch to this elegant piece.

Key Features:

  • Helix Match Cloche Collection with a mesmerizing ribbed interior.
  • Multiple Match-Tip Colors to choose from.
  • Ideal for modern-industrial and traditional decor settings.
  • Crafted from hand-blown glass for an exquisite look and feel.
  • Contains 120 eight-inch matches and a strike-on-bottle flint.
  • Features a cork stopper for added functionality.