Currant & Thyme Prism Scented Matches


Elevate your ambiance with the rich and sweet blend of Currant & Thyme. This captivating fragrance features the luscious notes of currant complemented by the bright zest of citrus peel, and it's crowned with top notes of raspberry and fresh herbs.

Enhance your candle lighting ritual with our scented matchsticks. These wooden stems are meticulously infused with our exclusive fine fragrance. As you strike a match, it not only ignites the flame but also delicately perfumes the air with a lingering scent that enhances your space.

Key Features:

  • Scent: Currant & Thyme
  • Matchsticks: Approximately 60 scented matchsticks
  • Dimensions: 5" high x 2" wide
  • Packaging: Triangular prism-shaped box
  • Convenience: Striker flint included on the box

Elevate your candle-lighting experience with Currant & Thyme scented matchsticks, adding a touch of luxury to your ambiance.