Dune Sage Prism Scented Matches


Indulge in the rich and herbal aroma of Dune Sage, a captivating blend of moss, sage, and three varieties of beach pine. This fragrance is enriched with all-natural essential oils, including Mandarin, tangerine, orange, galbanum, cypress, and cedarwood, creating a harmonious blend that evokes the essence of nature.

Enhance your candle lighting ritual with our Dune Sage scented matchsticks. Each matchstick features wooden stems infused with our exclusive fine fragrance, adding a delightful aroma to the air as you ignite your candles. The scent lingers even after extinguishing the match.

Key Features:

  • Scent notes: Dune Sage - A sage-dominant herbal blend with moss and beach pine for a touch of the wild coast.
  • Matchsticks: 60 scented matchsticks
  • Matchstick Dimensions: 5" high x 2" wide
  • Packaging: Triangular prism-shaped box with striker flint on the box

Elevate your candle lighting experience with the exquisite Dune Sage scented matchsticks. Immerse yourself in the natural fragrance as you ignite your candles, setting the perfect ambiance.