Juniper & Mint Prism Scented Matches


Introducing Juniper & Mint, a scent that exudes sophistication with its blend of juniper, eucalyptus, cedar, cool mint, and musk. This harmonious combination creates an aromatic experience like no other.

Enhance your candle lighting ritual with our Juniper & Mint scented matches. These matches feature wooden stems infused with our exclusive fine fragrance. As you light your candle, these matches gently perfume the air, leaving behind a delightful scent that lingers even after extinguishing the flame.

Key Features:

  • 60 scented matchsticks
  • Dimensions: 5 ½" high x 2 ⅝" wide
  • Triangular prism-shaped box
  • Striker flint on the box

Elevate your candle experience with the captivating scents of Juniper & Mint.