Palo Santo Citronella Candle


Discover the dual benefits of Palo Santo with our Palo Santo & Citronella Outdoor Candle, a harmonious fusion of mysticism and practicality. While Palo Santo is renowned for its mystical qualities and association with good fortune, it's also an effective bug repellent. We've combined the aromatic Palo Santo essential oil with citronella, a proven all-natural insect deterrent, to create an enchanting woodsy scent.

The resin naturally found in Palo Santo exudes a captivating aroma, blending harmoniously with citronella to produce a fragrance that incorporates hints of tea tree, cedar, and citrus. Whether you're hosting outdoor gatherings or seeking tranquility, this candle sets the mood while keeping pesky bugs at bay.

Key Features:

  • Scent Notes:  Citronella Palo Santo - A woody fragrance, interweaving palo santo and cedar with a citrus twist.
  • Fill: 
  • Burn Time: 100-hour burn time.
  • Size: 4.5" high x 4.75" wide.
  • The Palo Santo Citronella candle should be stored inside when not in use to avoid temperature fluctuations.
  • Made thoughtfully in small batches and poured with care in the USA.
  • Sold in case pack of 6.

Elevate your outdoor experiences with the Palo Santo & Citronella Outdoor Candle, poured with care in the USA. Embrace the mystique of Palo Santo while enjoying bug-free outdoor moments.