Winter Remix Scented Matches


Transform your space into a cozy alpine retreat with our Winter Remix Scented Matches. Each matchstick ignites a symphony of scents, blending fresh cedar, leather, and black mahogany with hints of bergamot and saffron flowers. The striking metallic ombre tube, adorned with gold details, adds a touch of mountain elegance to any room. Equipped with a striker flint, these matches are perfect for lighting candles or adding a burst of the great outdoors to your home.

Product Details:

  • Scent: Winter Remix - a fusion of cedar, leather, mahogany, bergamot, and saffron flowers
  • Quantity: Approximately 60 scented matchsticks
  • Tube Dimensions: 5 inches tall x 2 inches in diameter
  • Features: Striker flint on the back of the tube for easy lighting
  • Use: Ideal for lighting candles or infusing your room with a rugged, outdoor fragrance
  • Design: Stylish metallic ombre tube with gold accents, perfect for a touch of winter charm