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Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night Stick Umbrella

SKU: 691

Embrace rainy days with the elegance of fine art with our Fine Art Stick Umbrella. Designed for the art enthusiast and the style-conscious, this umbrella showcases the timeless works of the world's most renowned artists, transforming a downpour into a walking gallery. The stormproof design features robust fiberglass ribs and a premium 190T Pongee Polyester canopy, ensuring you stay dry in the most torrential rains. The auto-open and easy-close mechanism offers effortless protection at a moment's notice. A handcrafted wooden shaft and handle bring a touch of classic craftsmanship to this functional piece of art. Open this umbrella to reveal a 40-inch wide canopy of "Starry Night", allowing you to carry a Vincent van Gogh masterpiece wherever you go.

  • Length: 34.5" for easy portability
  • Canopy: Expansive 40" diameter for full coverage
  • Operation: Effortless auto-open and easy-close
  • Material: Durable wooden shaft, handle, and tips
  • Structure: Fiberglass ribs for maximum flexibility and strength
  • Fabric: High-quality 190T Pongee Polyester for longevity
  • Design: Features Van Gogh's iconic "Starry Night" across eight vibrant panels