Cloud Fireplace Match Cloche With Blue-Tipped Matches


Step into the serene ambiance of the Aegean coast with our exquisite Cloud Match Cloche. Inspired by vintage glass domes used to protect tender seedlings, these match cloches are a fusion of timeless elegance and modern functionality.

The beauty of this Match Cloche lies in its gentle transformation, much like the sea foam left along the shore by a receding tide. The cloche boasts a fading white finish that gracefully ascends from its base, creating a captivating ombré effect. As the misty white gives way to translucent glass, it unveils 120 blue-tipped matchsticks, reminiscent of the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

Each Match Cloche is a true work of art, meticulously crafted with handblown glass that exudes sophistication and craftsmanship. A cork stopper elegantly tops the cloche, offering a stylish storage solution for an assortment of matchsticks. Additionally, a convenient strike-on-bottle flint is incorporated onto the glass, ensuring ease of use when lighting matches.

Key Features:

  • Approximately 120 blue-tipped matchsticks included.
  • Dimensions: 11 ¼ inches in height x 3 ½ inches in width.
  • Handblown glass construction.
  • Strike-on-bottle flint for convenient match lighting.
  • Cork stopper for matchstick storage.

Immerse your space in coastal tranquility with the Cloud Match Cloche, a blend of artistry and functionality that captures the essence of the sea.