Smoke Fireplace Match Cloche


Embark on a journey of timeless elegance with our Japanese-inspired Handblown Glass Match Cloche. This exceptional piece, originally discovered in Japan, pays homage to its origins with a touch of modern sophistication.

We fell in love with the vessel's unique shape, reminiscent of vintage glass cloches that once shielded delicate seedlings in gardens. To make it even more appealing, we enlarged it to house approximately 120 of our best-selling 8" matches. The vessel is handblown with meticulous precision and sealed with a cork stopper, adding a touch of authenticity to its design.

The striking feature of this cloche is its strike-on-bottle flint, ensuring a convenient and stylish way to light your matches. Once the matches have served their purpose, this captivating vessel transforms into a curiosity display for your cherished specimens.

Key Features:

  • Accommodates approximately 120 8" matches.
  • Dimensions: 11" high x 3" wide.
  • Crafted with handblown glass.
  • Equipped with a convenient strike-on-bottle flint.
  • Cork stopper for an authentic touch.