Cypress Drift Modern Citronella Incense


Elevate your outdoor ambiance while keeping pesky bugs at bay with our Modern Citronella Incense Collection. Cypress Drift combines the natural insect-repelling power of citronella with a harmonious fusion of cypress and vetiver. This unique blend offers a fresh, woodsy, and herbaceous fragrance, complemented by subtle notes of leather and citrus. Our Modern Citronella collection takes inspiration from the lemongrass plant, crafting a line of products that serve as effective natural insect repellents. Blending citronella oils with earth-inspired fragrances, this collection enhances your outdoor experience. With a focus on minimalistic design, the incense collection features sleek packaging adorned with subtly debossed motifs, embodying a contemporary aesthetic that's both refined and understated.


Key Features:

  • Scent Notes: Cypress Drift - Citronella, cypress, vetiver, leather, and citrus blend
  • Natural insect repellent.
  • Burn Time: Approximately 50 one-hour incense sticks
  • Paper tube packaging.
  • Size: 11" tall x 2.25" wide