Sky Match Cloche


Our Japanese-inspired Handblown Glass Match Cloche pays homage to the allure of discovery. Originating in Japan, this captivating vessel's purpose remained a mystery, but its charm was undeniable. We embraced its unique form and enhanced it to accommodate approximately 120 of our best-selling 4" matches, all while introducing a touch of contemporary elegance with a sophisticated color palette.

Each of these vessels is meticulously crafted through the art of handblown glass, and a cork stopper seals its authenticity. Its resemblance to vintage glass cloches, once guardians of delicate seedlings, adds an enchanting aspect to its design.

Key Features:

  • Accommodates approximately 120 4" matches.
  • Dimensions: 7" high x 3" wide.
  • Crafted with handblown glass.
  • Equipped with a convenient strike-on-bottle flint.
  • Authentic cork stopper.