Amber Fireplace Match Cloche


Introducing our Jewel-Toned Fireplace Match Cloche, a radiant embodiment of olive groves, amber sunsets, and the sweetness of mulberry wine. Enveloped in deep, jewel-toned glass, this exquisite creation takes inspiration from the bountiful beauty of nature and the vintage glass domes that once shielded tender seedlings.

Crafted with meticulous care, the Fireplace Match Cloche showcases the artistry of handblown glass, capturing the essence of timeless elegance. Its intricate design is crowned with a cork stopper, embracing an assortment of extra-long matchsticks. On the glass, a striker strip adds practicality, merging form and function seamlessly.

This delicate vessel serves a dual purpose - igniting a warm and inviting ambiance with its striking beauty and safeguarding an array of treasures and curiosities when the matches are spent.

Key Features:

  • Jewel-Toned Elegance: Radiates deep shades of jewel-toned glass, inspired by the splendor of nature.
  • Vintage Inspiration: Draws from vintage glass domes used to protect emerging seedlings.
  • Handblown Craftsmanship: Showcases the art of handblown glass in an intricate design.
  • Extra-Long Matchsticks: Accommodates approximately 120 extra-long matchsticks.
  • Strike-On-Bottle Flint: Features a striker strip on the glass for convenient lighting.
  • Reusable Vessel: Transforms into a display case for your cherished finds.