Victoria and Albert Museum Doormat - Arabian

SKU: V318
Title: 18" x 30"
With its striking and vibrant 70s style motif and colors, the design of this mat is inspired by an older creation. It is actually a detail from "Arabian," a plate featured in Owen Jones's influential design manual, "The Grammar of Ornament." This book, published in 1856, was a comprehensive collection of the finest examples of ornamentation from various cultures and eras, compiled by the renowned 19th-century architect and designer. All doormats in Entryways' V&A Collection come in two sizes‚ 18 inches by 30 inches and 24 inches by 36 inches. Each Entryways mat is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, made from the highest quality natural coir to ensure exceptional durability. Additionally, Entryways doormats are hand-stenciled with environmentally friendly dyes, ensuring the colors remain vibrant for a long time.