Astronomy Large Match Bottle


Elevate your match storage with the Large Astronomy Apothecary Match Bottle, featuring an exquisite moon phase chart design. This sophisticated and spacious option keeps your matches stylishly organized while adding a celestial touch to your space. Hand-made in the USA, this match bottle boasts our exclusive strike-on-bottle design, allowing you to conveniently light all 120 included 4-inch matches with the striker strip on the back of the bottle. Standing at 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide, it combines functionality with an elegant aesthetic, making it an ideal addition to your home decor.

Key Features:

  • Moon Phase Chart Design: Intricate depiction of moon phases adds a touch of celestial charm.
  • Sophisticated Storage: A stylish and updated option for match storage.
  • Exclusive Strike-on-Bottle: Easily light matches with the built-in striker strip.
  • Hand-Made in the USA: Crafted with care and attention to detail.
  • Dimensions: 6 inches tall x 3 inches wide.