The San Francisco Umbrella Company

Navy Blue Umbrella Featuring Orange German Shepherd

SKU: 370

Step out in style and celebrate your beloved pet with our Dog Breed Umbrella. This unique rain accessory showcases a variety of distinctive canine silhouettes paired with vibrant colors to brighten even the dreariest weather. Tailor-made to reflect your pup's breed, it's the perfect way to pay homage to your four-legged friend while staying dry.

Key Features:

  • Dog Breed Silhouettes for Dog Lovers: Choose from a wide range of dog profiles to match your pet's breed.
  • Vibrant Design: Eye-catching color combinations make this umbrella a fashionable statement.
  • Generous Size: A 40-inch wide canopy ensures you stay fully protected from the elements.
  • Effortless Use: Stick umbrella features auto-open and easy-close mechanisms for quick and easy operation.
  • Crafted for Durability: Wooden shafts and fiberglass ribs provide a sturdy and reliable build.
  • Quality Material: The canopy is crafted from 190T Pongee Polyester, known for its water resistance and strength.
  • Sold in case pack of 2.