Indigo Fireplace Match Cloche


Transport yourself to the tranquil coastal waters of the Aegean Sea with our captivating Indigo Match Cloche. This exquisite piece features a mesmerizing deep blue hue that evokes the serene beauty of the sea. Paired with an abundant supply of approximately 120 extra-long, white-tipped matchsticks, it adds a subtle touch of nautical charm to any setting.

Crafted with precision, our Match Cloches are meticulously made from handblown glass, marrying aesthetics with functionality. A cork stopper enhances the vessel's elegance, providing a stylish and secure storage solution for an assortment of matchsticks. Additionally, a built-in strike-on-bottle flint on the glass ensures effortless and convenient lighting.

As an ode to both form and versatility, these delicate vessels can find a second life as they transform into unique displays for your cherished treasures and curiosities.

Key Features:

  • Approximately 120 extra-long, white-tipped matchsticks included
  • Dimensions: 11.25 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide
  • Expertly crafted from handblown glass
  • Features a built-in strike-on-bottle flint for ease of use
  • Secured with a cork stopper for a touch of sophistication