Mulberry Match Cloche


Transport your senses to olive groves, amber sunsets, and the essence of mulberry wine with our latest Match Cloches. These exquisite pieces are inspired by vintage glass domes that once sheltered emerging seedlings. Crafted from handblown glass and fitted with a cork, they elegantly house a collection of matchsticks. The glass features a strike-on-bottle flint for convenience, and once the matches are gone, these delicate vessels make perfect displays for your treasures and curiosities.

Key Features:

  • Rich jewel-toned glass inspired by olive groves and amber sunsets
  • Handblown glass construction
  • Cork stopper for matchstick storage
  • Contains approximately 120 matchsticks
  • Strike-on-bottle flint on the glass for easy lighting
  • Reusable as decorative vessels
  • Luxurious Gift Box option available
  • Each Gift Box includes contoured EVA foam for a snug fit
  • Gift Box also contains a match refill pack with approximately 60 matches and an additional striker strip