Natural Coir Doormat

SKU: 501EB18x30
Title: 18" x 30"

Welcome guests into your home with the entryways Basics Coir Doormat that perfectly balances simplicity and functionality. Made from all-natural coir and backed for added durability, this doormat is designed to withstand high foot traffic while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Its natural coir fibers are excellent for trapping dirt and moisture, keeping your entryway clean and tidy.

Key Features:

  • Three Sizes: Ideal for spacious entryways.
  • Material: High-quality, all-natural coir with a sturdy backing.
  • Versatility: Available in four sizes to suit different entryway dimensions.
  • Functionality: Effectively captures dirt and moisture, ensuring a clean entrance.
  • Design: Simple, natural look that complements a wide range of home styles.