Palo Santo Triple-Wick Candle


Experience the spiritual and aromatic essence of Palo Santo with our Palo Santo Triple-Wick Candle. This sacred wood, sustainably cultivated in South America, is known for its natural aromatic properties. Our extensive collection showcases an all-natural fragrance derived from the wood's resin, creating a captivating scent that combines the freshness of mint with notes of pine, musk, and sweet citrus. Believed to encapsulate the sacred wood's powerful properties, this essential oil is traditionally used to banish negativity, instill calmness, and purify both the body and mind. Available in a triple-wick size, our Palo Santo candle offers up to 80 hours of burn time, allowing you to bask in the benefits of this "holy wood".

Key Features:

  • Scent notes: A captivating scent blending mint, pine, musk, and sweet citrus.
  • Fill: 
  • Burn Time: This candle offers an impressive 80-hour burn time.
  • Size: Approximately 3.5" tall x 4.75" wide.
  • Made thoughtfully in small batches and poured with care in the USA.
  • Sold in case pack of 6.

Sustainably cultivated Palo Santo wood from South America.

Traditionally used for spiritual purification and attracting good fortune.