Sometimes Fireplace Match Bottle


Product Quantity: Luminary Collection - Glass Apothecary Bottle with 8" Matchsticks

Product Description: Illuminate your space with our Luminary Collection, where inspiring words come to life in elegant matte gold silk-screened on glass apothecary bottles. This collection adds a touch of sophistication to your ambiance, combining beautifully graphic design with all-black 8" matchsticks that provide a striking backdrop to the luminous text.

Key Features:

  • Contents: 120 - 8" Matchsticks.
  • Built-in Striker: Strike-on-bottle flint.
  • Dimensions: Each bottle measures 10 1/2" high x 3" wide.
  • Hand-made in the USA.

Hand-crafted in the USA, our Luminary Collection is designed to ignite both your space and your spirit. Bring a sense of purpose and elegance to your surroundings with these thoughtfully curated bottles and their accompanying matches.